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Ferrier Baudet Architects Pty Ltd
395 Swan Rd, ST LUCIA, Queensland, 4067 
07 3371 6200
07 3371 5100
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Ferrier Baudet was founded in 1957 by Mr. A. Ian Ferrier, who was well known for his churches, schools and convents throughout Queensland. He was the architect of 3 Cathedrals, one of which is now listed with the Department of Environment and Heritage. The practice is now run by Catherine Ferrier and Roland Baudet.

The office is situated in St.Lucia, and operates with a core staff of highly trained professionals and has additional staff as required.

Situated close to the university, we have many architectural students through the practice to gain experience. There is always lively debate about design issues, and the mix of age groups, the diversity of cultural backgrounds, enriches the experience of work for all.

We operate ArchiCad and AutoCad, and Microsoft Program and Excel to assist with programming and documentation.

We have a comprehensive data bank of consultants we work with on a regular basis.

Some of our more innovative design solutions include:

  • The design of flexible bathrooms, where fixtures and fittings can be adjusted to suit the user this is particularly useful in aged and health care applications.
  • The design of state of the art laboratories, with built in flexibility, chemical resistance, sterility and safety. Our solutions are used by tertiary education clients.
  • The design of cost saving, flexible storage systems for any application but most advantageous where space is a premium such as medical surgeries and offices.
  • The innovative use of low cost materials to produce exciting design solutions.

We are currently working on projects in the aged care field, education particularly early childhood and primary schools, as well as tertiary education.

We are also working on a number of exciting residential projects including new contemporary houses.

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